HRGC Guidelines

Highlands Ranch Garden Club Guidelines
Revised September 2023
Historical Sketch:
The formation of the Garden Club began in the winter months of 2002 by Caroline Smith. She wanted to start a gardening club in Highlands Ranch. Caroline wanted to form a local club that met in the afternoons with the purpose of learning how to garden in Colorado. She invited others to join her by putting an advertisement in local publications as well as inviting friends and acquaintances to come to an organizational meeting. Many responded and attended the club’s first meeting at the Highlands Ranch Library. Caroline was chosen as the first president; Julie Doucet, the first program chairman; Ann Wade, the first membership chairman; Alice Bradburn, the first treasurer; and Carolyn Tate, the first secretary.
The main purpose of the club is to learn how to garden in the Colorado climate from gardening experts and to mutually share gardening tips between members while having fun, fun, fun!
The club’s name is the Highlands Ranch Garden Club. The home location for meetings is the Highlands Ranch Library. Afternoon meetings are held at the library or other locations as planned by the program chairperson.
1. Club membership is open to all, especially those who want to gain knowledge and skills for successful gardening in Colorado.
2. The club belongs to the membership and the membership is the final decision making authority.
3. The officers can request a vote from the membership at any time they want approval of an activity, expenditure, location of an event, etc.
4. To approve a recommendation from the Board or a motion/request from any member, 51% (a majority vote) of the membership in attendance is required. Any member may request written ballots.
5. Visitors may attend meetings without paying dues. As a guideline, dues should be paid after attending two meetings as a visitor.
1. The meetings are usually held once a month. A repetitive monthly date is determined by the membership.
2. Most meetings will include at least one gardening expert who will speak on a specific topic.
3. The program chairperson notifies the board of the planned topic for each month by the library’s request date.
4. If the meeting is to be held at the library, the program chairman needs to coordinate reserving Event Hall B.
5. The coordinator of publicity provides publicity to the community for upcoming activities of the Garden Club.
6. The president notifies the members of the upcoming meeting each month by email.
7. The refreshments chairpersons coordinate refreshments at the meeting which are provided by volunteers each month.
Activities of the club currently include but are not limited to:
1. Meetings are held monthly with a speaker. The annual dues pay for the speakers when payment is required or necessary.
2. Gardeners-on-the Go activities can be scheduled at anytime. Gardeners-on-the-Go activities are supported and attended by the members and their guests who wish to participate in the planned activity. Club dues are not used for these activities.
3. Parties The annual dues will pay for three parties: 4th of July, a mid-year activity and a party in December.
1. The board of officers consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Chairperson(s), Membership Chairperson, Refreshments Chairpersons, Gardeners-on-the-Go Chairperson(s) and Coordinator of Publicity which includes the Webmaster who is not a member of the board but works with the Coordinator of Publicity since this is a technical rather than policy position.
2. Terms of office are for one year but individuals can serve for additional year(s) in the same position or different position except the Treasurer which must be changed every two years.
3. The officers are approved by a majority vote of the membership present. In October each year volunteers will be solicited. If more than one person volunteers for a position, an election will be held in November.
4. The officers will be approved by a majority of the membership present. The officers’ duties center on facilitating the Garden Club activities. The individual officer duties are outlined in individual duty documents.
To change the dues, the officers will recommend the new amount and the membership must approve the amount with a majority vote. Dues are used for the payment of the monthly speakers when necessary. The dues are also used for the parties listed above under the Activities section. The approximate costs of the events shall be approved by the membership present. Currently individual dues are $20 per year or $30 per year for a couple.
These guidelines can be changed at anytime by a two-thirds vote of the membership and can be found on the garden club website which will include the revision date.
Website URLs:
Should it be necessary for any reason to dissolve the club, the remaining funds will be divided equally between the present memberships as practically as can be accomplished. All debts would be paid first.