Gardeners on the Go

For those of you that would like to partake in an additional, fun gardening related activity during the month.
Sometimes we meet for lunch and other times we meet for an educational experience or a combination of both.

This Month's Activity:

Holiday Dinner
Wednesday, November 14th, 2018
By evite only. Additional details on the evite site.

GOTG Tentative Presentation Calendar
subject to change

Date/Time Location
Brainstorming Session at a Member's House
Lunch at Zaika Indian Restaurant
Denver Botanic Gardens Nursery Tour
Visit Highlands Garden Center in Centennial
May Trim the Roses with South Suburban
June Xeric Changeover at Cherry Creek Condos
July 4, 2018 Independence Day Parade - Highlands Ranch - Lunch to follow
August CSU Experimental Gardens and The Gardens on Spring Creek - Lunch
September Hudson Gardens Tour of Insect Hotels and Vegetable Garden
October Gardening Crafts
November Holiday Dinner Party


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