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PRESIDENT: Jim Bramley
Sends out emails to everybody on the membership list regarding upcoming meetings. Sets the agenda and conducts meetings.  Follows up and coordinates with all the other officers.  Is the contact person for the community and interested potential members.
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SECRETARY: We need someone to volunteer for this position
Takes notes at our meetings, prepares a simple statement of what was decided (minutes), and reads the minutes at the next meeting.
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TREASURER: Sharon Andersen
Collects and records the annual dues from members, deposits these funds in a bank account, issues checks for reimbursements, and gives a report at the meetings.
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PROGRAM CHAIR: Brenda Houser & Co-chair Marcie Laurvik
Provides interesting and informative monthly programs for club members, which include presentations on herbs, planting a winter garden, hardscaping and protecting your garden in the winter. Also arranges presentations by local nurseries and arranges private tours of local botanic gardens and natural areas. Makes sure the Highlands Ranch Library has the correct information for our club.
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MEMBERSHIP: Bonnie Hersperberger
Welcomes people who come to the meetings, distributes name tags, and maintains an up-to-date list of the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of members and attendees.
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REFRESHMENT CO-CHAIRS: Sue Bramley & A co-chair is needed
Organizes a list of other members who volunteer to bring cookies, fruit, and treats to the meetings, coordinates with them, brings the Club tea and coffee maker including tea and coffee to meetings where appropriate or provides other beverages at Club expense.
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Creates the meeting announcement for the club's monthly meetings and programs based on the information provided by the Program Chairperson. This announcement is used for both email correspondence and the HRGC Website. Also maintains ads in local newspapers, like the HUB and the Highlands Ranch Herald. This position includes Webmaster duties on the Club Website located at, updating the site with news, pictures and links.
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GARDENERS ON THE GO CO-CHAIRS: Dee Everitt & Mary Kay Courtney & Cathy Harju
Organizes social lunches and excursions once a month in between our monthly meetings.
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Sends out get-well cards to members that are ill to let them know that the group is thinking about them.
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