Monday, September 10, 2018

Did you miss the field trip to the CSU campus to look at the Annual Test Gardens? If so, here's what you missed.
When we got there we discovered that CSU has added perennial test gardens, as well. We spent most of our time in the Perennial Test Gardens but we got to see part of the Annual Test Gardens, too. We could have spent another hour there looking at all of the flowers. Since these are test gardens we got to take notes so we can plan our gardens of the future.
After visiting the gardens on the CSU campus we traveled a short distance to the Gardens on Spring Creek. The Gardens on Spring Creek is a community oriented, educational botanic garden. They provide the local food bank with the items they produce. Most of our time was spent in their vegetable garden, learning about what will grow in our area and how the produce is used to benefit others. They also have a large garden for children's educational programs and a greenhouse.
Cathy and her sister, Nancy (in the green shirt in the photo below) worked together to arrange a wonderful and educational day for our group. An employee at the Gardens on Spring Creek (in the pink shirt in the photo below) showed us around the vegetable garden and gave us a lot of information about gardening and the mission of the Gardens on Spring Creek.
We got to learn about many new and existing plant varieties and share our knowledge and experiences with one another. We couldn't have asked for better weather. All combined, the field trip was a great success.


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